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If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Regarding any issues related to the website (such as tests not showing up, submissions not going through, or icons clipping through text), please make sure that the problem is reproducable and does not go away after a refresh. In the email, be specific about the bug and include relevant information such as the page/area that the bug occurred, what you were doing before the bug, steps to reproduce the bug, your browser, your device, your operating system, and the frequency of behavior (happens sometimes, happens everytime, etc).

Regarding any issues related to MAT or any other contest that we're running (such as protesting a problem or answer), note that all decisions on problem disputes are final. In particular, if protesting a solution, please read all discussion on the solution before emailing to ensure that you are not misunderstanding the solution.

Regarding sponsorship or other inquiries, we're always seeking new sponsors or collaborations to further our mission of advancing mathematical education.

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