Registration Information

Before Contest Day

Sign up for a MAT account by clicking on the Sign Up button on the navbar and then following the instructions. Please familarize yourself with the questions on the FAQ, specifically the contest format and difficulty. We've released a sample MAT under Upcoming Contests that you can take to get a better sense of both the submission platform and contest style.

On Contest Day

Make sure that you are logged into your account by clicking on Log In. Click on Upcoming Contests under Portal. When the competition starts, you should see the current MAT available to take. You will be able to only take the rounds in sequential order of Set A, Set B, Set C, and finally Tiebreakers. You will have a three hour window of time to complete the MAT. Each of the four round will be half an hour long so the actual contest time will be two hours in total. There will be an hour allocated for breaks and technical issues like slow wifi. For security purposes, this will be the same three hour window for everyone. Please look at schedule for more details.

If you experience technical issues or want to dispute a problem, please see Contact Us under Our Team.

If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a participant has broken the rules of the competition, we may disqualify the participant and withhold prizes. Disqualifiable offenses include but are not limited to: not registering with your real name (if we determine that a name is likely fake, we will communicate further to verify a name before sending any prizes or placing on the leaderboard), communicating with others about answers or solutions before the contest window is over, using non-allowed testing aids such as a calculator, or using online resources during the competition besides the MAT website.

If you have reasonable suspicion that another contestant is cheating (e.g they contacted you about collaborating on the MAT or they are communicating on social media during the contest), please contact us at

After Contest

Contest results for top individuals on the leaderboard will be released on the Past MATs page under Archive. Your personal results can be accessed through a Results page under Portal. We will have an online award ceremony on 7/25.

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